Integrate your systems to expand your customer view


the flow of data from source to recipient and the flow of outcomes back to source.

When it comes to data logistics, or data orchestration, typically, the process can get as complicated as you want, it rarely becomes simpler!

We understand that how Advertisers follow up on and service their enquiries can vary massively, from a simple CRM follow up to a multi-step process involving different systems, funnels and 3rd parties.

Sometimes different data recipients need the data to come in real time, others need the flow of data to be held and output in batches at pre-determined times.

Furthermore, when the format of data output from one system (Day Month Year) doesn’t always match the required format for the recipient system (MM,DD,YY), it can be tricky or a manual process to sync them up.

As a relatively small player in the ecosystem populated with many many huge players, we have developed the tools and techniques to be able to play with the best of them.

We have a library of commonly used APIs that are ready to go. However, if you need an API set up, no integration is too big or too small.

If you need to schedule your output to coincide with call centre hours, or need your data to run in real time to kick off a nurturing journey (or a mixture of both, at varying stages) we’ll keep it ticking over for you.

Our data restructuring and reformatting module can easily translate the different nuances of data for each system to understand it, on the fly.

Furthermore, because we understand how vital providing feedback to your suppliers is, LOLA accepts data coming back from your systems, for reporting purposes.

When you’re generating leads, increasing their quality through only buying good ones is a great starting off point, but it gets really impressive when you can see what those leads were worth down the line. Did they convert? How much by? How many times did they go on to purchase? How did these results compare to the leads you have generated in the past?

LOLA is ready to receive and report on your conversions and help you to see the trends:

  • By supplier – If you manage a number of different 3rd party suppliers, you’ll be able to rank them for budget management, and provide a baseline for testing new ones
  • By source – If you’re testing different websites or landing pages, knowing the best performing sources can really help optimise your adspend
  • By keyword – If you’re buying leads on PPC, knowing the keywords that are generating you the most conversions will give insights into how to optimise your SEO and click purchasing programme

Just like each lead journey varies for each client, so does a Logistics implementation.

Often when there are many moving parts and legacy systems, having a little ‘go between’ to do basic translation work can bring huge efficiencies to the programme, other times, a more centrally embedded ‘hub’ is what’s needed to provide end-to-end transparency on the lead journey.

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