Unlock the value of your data, and participate in tomorrow’s market


the process of making data available for monetisation and optimisation

More and more data is being used, and reused, and more and more people are using it.

Enabling your data offers great opportunities to squeeze the value out of it, and unlocking it to be used for secondary purposes.

Companies that sit on their data cannot take part in the growing market for:

  • targeting the right message at the right time
  • targeting the right person with the right message
  • detargeting from messaging, for brand protection or efficiency
  • suppressing marketing from going out to unsubscribes, or via a channel they have unsubscribed from
  • scoring or differentially processing a record based on its characteristics
  • enhancing data processing services and decisioning
  • corroborating that given information is true and accurate

With the relevant consents, it is possible to monetise your data through any of the above activities, or make your own marketing more efficient or effective depending on what intelligence is of value to you.

To give a few suggestions, Data Owners who amass information about residential properties in the UK could monetise that information by enabling it for a home improvements company to know more about an enquiry they receive for a conservatory, or a windows quote.

Data Owners who use third parties to market on their behalf can enable their customerbase so that their partners can show different offers to customers, to suit retention or acquisition purposes.

Data Owners who run online shopping sites can enable their data to corroborate that an email and an address have been used in conjunction, and therefore when they are seen again together, the enquirer is more likely to be a real person than someone using fake information.

Data Owners that can confirm individuals’ dates of birth can enable their data to help alcohol or gambling advertisers prevent themselves or their partners from showing their marketing to underage individuals.

Data Owners who amass information about trends in buying behaviour can enable their data to allow advertisers to make predictions about what products are more relevant to different demographics or stages of life.

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Rules around data sharing are becoming more restrictive, yet the market is demanding data optimisation, and data regulations require permissions and consent to come to the fore.

LolaGrove Enablement satisfies all three criteria, as it was built for both Advertisers and Data Owners to participate in the growing market for enabled data, with EU and US regulations informing its design.

As such, it allows Data Owners to monetise their data in a safe and secure way, without sharing any PII or exporting it outside the EEA. And it allows Advertisers to comply with CAN-SPAM Act by suppressing marketing from being sent to people who have opted out, or changed their preferences. At the very root of it is the consent granted for this processing to take place.

When data is onboarded to LolaGrove, it is automatically encrypted, and its usage is strictly controlled via users and permissions, allowing only authorised parties to query it.

LolaGrove queries the encrypted data at a rate of 10,000 records per second, across multiple datasets, to power its automated decisioning.

The decisioning is based on the defined ‘best outcome’ from the queries, for example:

  • true/false match on ‘age = over 18’ means show/don’t show the message
  • true/false match on ‘corroborated data’ means increase/fix price for the record
  • true/false match on ‘existing customer’ means send data to acquisition/retention journey

The options and outcomes are almost limitless, so LolaGrove can be configured in any way to optimise the data processing.

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