Consolidated Delivery

Consolidated Delivery Services

LOLA removes all the headaches faced by networks who are required to send data in the myriad different formats and structures, timelines and schedules, as well as the various encryption and security requirements that advertisers demand. Put simply, LOLA removes all the resource time and associated costs borne by networks while delivering data, and replaces them with a simple dispatch platform. This platform automatically prepares the data to conform to the output and delivery requirements of each client.

And LOLA goes further, delivering expert consolidation and de-duplication facilities which improve yield management and billing accuracy. Most importantly, LOLA tickets and logs each delivery, and handles receipt ticketing and acknowledgments from advertiser platforms, retains a delivery and receipt archive to resolve any dispute or historical billing issues, whilst also providing a data download point from which advertisers can "collect" data from the platform at their discretion.

All these features lead to enormous network benefits. They eradicate the costs and save the time publishers take manipulating data into advertiser specified structures, and ensure that there are zero discrepancies between advertiser receipt statistics and network dispatch statistics. Zero discrepancies lead to zero invoice discrepancies, zero management time wastage on discrepancy and dispute resolution. Inevitably, revenues increase as the network gains the reputation of being a fully enabled, professional, and headache free lead supplier.

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