Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

LOLA works brilliantly to reduce the costs of lead sales for advertisers.

By enabling advertisers to sell leads directly, expensive "middle man" costs can be removed, and in-house sales can replace representative firms who regularly retain 30-50% of the yield.

By providing a library of ready-made capture templates, LOLA saves money on the production and implementation of capture forms. In addition, the library of templates for flash capture units means advertisers can quickly create units to capture data through display ad units. But we go further, and provide a build service which ensures that advertisers don't waste money testing and de-bugging each creative execution.

The use of an established independent platform leads to reduced costs associated with billing and collection. LOLA advertisers benefit from more accurate invoicing, which leads to quicker payment and collection, all reducing the costs associated with the financial administration of lead sales programs. Additionally, LOLA platform integration with publisher billing systems means that invoicing and reconciliation costs are further reduced.

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