Lead Tracking
  • London - September 2014
    LolaGrove launches its "Double Device" solution to the market. As with "Sign on Glass", this solution allows Advertisers and Merchants to ensure that the mobile phone number submitted...
  • London - August 2014
    LolaGrove launches its bespoke "Sign on Glass" solution onto the market, with Wolford being the first retailer to pilot it. The Sign on Glass solution allows retailers to complete in-store lead generation from...
  • London - July 2014
    This summer, Lola Grove was delighted to take part in processing leads on behalf of RNLI, in support of Conversant. It is a treat to be helping a wonderful charity that saves lives, by...
  • London - April 2014
    For the second year in a row, LolaGrove sponsors the Best Lead Generation Campaign at the PMA's. Our hope is that the PMA's recognise the campaigns and programs which best exemplify...
  • Agency Solutions for Lead Buying - 09/11
    With online lead generation gaining 5-10% of overall ad spend, according to studies in the USA, and in certain verticals commanding far more share...
  • Publisher Solutions for Lead Selling - 09/11
    What publishers and lead sellers need seems simple - accurate reporting systems which enable maximum yield optimisation...
  • Advanced Filtration
    At LolaGrove, the output lead quality is our top priority. One of the ways in which we strive to improve the quality of internet-purchased leads is by continually strengthening our filters.
  • Leading the Way in Data Security
    Our mission is to deliver the Global Industry Standard in everything we do. Towards this, we have embarked on a review of our Data Security policies, and are implementing improved and revised information security management systems.
  • Activagers Case Study
    A social networking community, targeting active people over the age of 40, is seeking to grow its membership base whilst ensuring those new members‘ participation of the site remains high.
  • T-Mobile Case Study
    Campaign to promote the "free texts for life" offer on PAYG including free SIM cards from T-Mobile

Data Capture Solutions for Advertisers, Publishers, Agencies, and Networks

Are you in search of a money-saving initiative for your data capture needs? LolaGrove can help! With innovative lead generation software and other essential services, the LolaGrove team can help transform your business in an instant. Gain valuable insight into the world of data cleansing methods, online lead generation, and many other fundamental revenue-generating tools. Now that you"ve found us, you can tap into unparalleled proficiency in the realm of lead generation services. Let LolaGrove give you the edge so you can rise above the competition. Read more about the services you"ll find here.

LolaGrove Features Lead Generation Services For:

  • Advertisers - Tap into over a decade of experience in the realm of campaign effectiveness. With LOLA, you can reduce costs, increase revenues, and save time in your lead generation system.
  • Agencies - LOLA works with agencies to save time and money while maximizing yields and increasing revenue. With our help, you can advance your reputation through effective real time leads and compliant solutions.
  • Networks - Tap into the LOLA expertise in network management and site representation. With our help, networks can save time, reduce costs, increase revenue, and deliver stellar results every time.
  • Publishers - Maximize your yields and revenue with our unique approach to publisher solutions. LOLA helps with legislative and commercial compliance, as well as many essential tools that will help you rise to the top of the market.

When you"re ready to arm yourself with highly effective lead quality skills, LOLA is standing by to assist. Discover better approaches to data capture forms, lead generation services, and real time leads at LolaGrove. Now that you"ve found us, you can tap into an innovative lead-trading program for advertisers, agencies, networks, and publishers.

LolaGrove: Demand - Delivered

When it comes to delivering consistent results, LolaGrove outshines the competition. With over a decade of offering a one-of-a-kind approach to online registration software, lead management software, and other essential services, you can count on LOLA for the skills you need to maintain a competitive edge. Let the LOLA team introduce you to a unique lead-trading platform that is sure to help you find success. The LOLA lead trading platform gives you access to key skills like:

  • Track & Manage all Lead Sources - Reduce Wasted Processing Costs
  • Increase Customer Demand - Guaranteed Data Quality
  • Single Platform - Capture all Lead / Registration Data
  • And More

With our unparalleled expertise, you can reduce costs, increase revenue, save time, and improve compliance in an instant.

Data Quality Solutions Advertisers Can Count On

At LolaGrove, advertisers will tap into an uncompromising level of efficiency, expertise, and quality for lead generation services. Find your way to unparalleled success with the LOLA approach to timesaving solutions that dramatically increase revenue. Advertisers will enjoy features like:

  • Data Validation
  • Data Messaging
  • Correction & Completion
  • Consolidated Delivery
  • Flash Form Library / Build
  • Capture Form Library / Build
  • Reporting
  • Dispute Resolution
  • And More

With LOLA services, you will rise above the competition with real time leads, unyielding lead quality, and other essential features.

Find Your Way to Comprehensive Risk-Reducing Solutions

When it comes to compliance, LOLA has you covered. By implementing our system, you will benefit from unwavering compliance through our comprehensive de-risk process. Enjoy peace of mind that you will be totally compliant at all data capture points. LOLA lets you enjoy the highest levels of lead quality with effective data cleansing software. Let the LolaGrove team give you access to source point mapping, lead status logging, and many other key features that will ensure compliance every step of the way.

We have worked hard to offer creative solutions to publisher and advertiser online lead generation, registration software, telephone number verification, and many other essential services. Let the LOLA team give you a simpler approach to your data cleansing methods. With our help, you can rise to the top of the market and leave your competition behind. Contact the LOLA team to find out more about our prices and plans. We are standing by to help you find your way to the best lead trading platform in the industry.

Affordable Publisher and Advertiser Solutions

Are you ready to find out more about LolaGrove data capture solutions? Please feel free to contact us for more information about LOLA plans and pricing. Our team of experts is always standing by to assist. Call or email today!

  • Telephone: 0203 725 4555
  • Email: Robin@goallover.com

The LolaGrove team is eager to assist with your data cleansing and online lead capture needs. Contact us today!

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